Have you suspected that your child has autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit, emotional behavior disorder…? 

Have you noticed that your child has abnormal psychological symptoms?

Have you found that your child is slow in cognitive and language development compared to children the same age? 

M.Psych.Dr. Minh Quach Thuy –  Former Head of Psychiatry Department – National Children’s Hospital will be the one to help you answer questions by direct examination, psychological and child’s condition assessment, and provide appropriate intervention.

Details of schedule of M.Psych.Dr. Minh Quach Thuy at The Medcare Haiphong branch in March is as below: 

– Day: Sunday – March 20th, 2022

– Time: 08h30 – 12h and 13h30 – 17h

Parents should take children to the doctor soon if they have the following abnormal symptoms so as not to miss the “golden period” of intervention: 

– Speech delay, speech and language disorder, psychomotor retardation

– Poor interaction, no eye contact, afraid to communicate, narrow themself

– Ease of stress, anxiety, depression

– There are signs of hyperactivity, decreased attention

– Emotional disorder, uncontrollable actions

– There are many repetitive unusual actions and habits… 

Due to limited numbers of examination cases, parents should quickly contact The Medcare Haiphong for advice and make an appointment, avoiding missing the only schedule this month.

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